Does shapewear really work?

Yes. Especially with cut and sewn design. When cut and sewn, designers are able to create patterns and pinpoint to catch and create curves in the perfect places and enhance them.

We’ve all got our own hang-ups and ‘problem’ areas when it comes to our bodies, but with the help of shapewear, your problems can be solved instantly. Not only this, properly fitted shapewear improve your posture, your confidence and the way you walk, mostly importantly, it provide support to your weaker muscles and give it time to restore.

Here’s some of the facts of wearing shapewear:

Instantly slimmer figure
If you need a quick fix for a dinner party, there’s no doubt that a good piece of shapewear can shed pounds off you in an instant, and help you fit into clothes that would normally be too small for you. And if the shapewear is well-designed, the fat comes out in a more sexy and appropriate place like your breasts and cleavage and butt!

Anti-chafing inner thigh
Choose shapewear with short legs to prevent rubbing on your inner thigh! You get the slimming effect plus the anti-chafing.

It supports your bust and any weak muscle
The under-bust style provides an additional layer of support for your bust, which gives you an instant lift and push-up. Your torso will also appear longer and leaner with this piece of shapewear. The waist cincher will keep your tummy in place as well as give it time to heal.

Don’t get a size smaller, just get your current size
Sizing down on shapewear can actually makes you look bigger because it can cause bulging around the edges. Rather than nicely compressing your fat, it is squeezing it and pushing the excess has to come out somewhere which will not give you a nice smooth line under clothes.

Even though shapewear is designed to be a temporary fix. While wearing it for a long period of time, it will support your weaker muscles and allow them adequate time to recover.

Here are some suggestions:

1.) Lasculpte Shaping High Waist Short (Size 10-22 ) $49.99

2.) Lasculpte Underbust Shaping Camisole (Size 10-22 ) $49.99

3.) “Plus Size Bras” Bessi Waist & Tummy Support High Waisted Cut & Sewn Shaper Brief (Size 18-28) Was $35 Now $29

4.) “Plus Size Bras” Bessi High Waist Under The Bust Long Leg Shaper (Size 14-32) $45.00

5.) CityChic Smooth & Chic Contour Bodysuit (Size 14-22) $99.95

6.) Bfree Maximum Tummy Control Belly Band (Size 6-14) Was $74.95 Now$44.95

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