How to choose the right tights for you

Hosiery comes in many different types. Among them are open crotch tights, sheer tights, compression tights, nylon tights, opaque tights, fishnet tights etc.

You can tell the fabric weight and thickness of tights by denier. Higher denier tights are thicker, meaning they are less sheer, as they are more opaque. Anything 40 denier or higher is opaque, while anything under 30 denier is a transparent, sheer stocking. Tights that are 80 denier (or even 100 tp 120 denier) are super thick and opaque.

You should always refer to the size chart on the packaging of your tights when choosing yours. Knowing your height and brief size will help you choose the best size. Keep in mind  that the thickness of the tights’ fabric can affect its stretchability. In general, the higher the denier, the more firm the tights will feel, which means the lower denier tights will stretch more. 

Open Crotch Tights

A pair of open-crotch tights is typically more breathable and allows you to move more freely in the warmer months than regular tights with gussets. Using sheer tights will shape your legs and give them a slimming appearance. Choosing opaque tights or stockings will help you to stay warm while also reducing the volume of your legs or masking imperfections.

Plus Size Tights

For plus size tights you’ll want to look for tights with double gusset. The extra fabric on the tummy and gusset provides extra room to accommodate the fuller figures. 

What to look for

Consider the weather. Low deniers are best for hot days and ideal for creating a bare leg look, while higher deniers are best for cold days, also hig deniers are more durable and ideal for everyday use.

100% Nylon Tights Vs. Support Tights

Pros and cons of nylon tights and support tights for plus-size women. In general, 100% nylon tights do not fit as snugly, but are generally more comfortable. Support tights made of lycra and elastane offer better leg support and feel firmer; however, they are more likely to tear in lower denier, so if you are shopping for support tights, I recommend choosing those that are at least 30 denier.

How to choose the right size

When it comes to tights sizing, there is no standard. Be sure to check the size chart on the back of the tights packaging. For taller individuals, consider sizing up. If tights fit correctly, you should not feel any discomfort in the gusset at the crotch and no tension in the leg area.  

In addition, we have found some websites offering quality and affordable plus size hosiery that offer lots of choice for your tights.

Myer (Brands and quality are excellent)

Citychic (Quality plus size clothing)

Sheertex (Reviews state that it is extremely durable)

Plus Size Bras (Imported tights with a wide range of options)

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